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by amber ortolano
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i wanna watch a spooky movie but idk what to watch. maybe ive seen all the spooky movies that exist already/

all the newish stuff is bad quality

everyone is the best at being them. no one else is as good at being you as you r. i think you are all v. great and would consider splitting a grilled chees /w u


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A Practical Guide to Ancestral Restitution


“What will be done with it when it is recovered?”

She appeared from the shadows of the study, a regal spectre made half from dark.

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1. Name: Kat, Dya2. Blog URL: dyatloving3. Blog URL: Tell me a ghost story4. Fave Colour: blue-grey5. Crush: Reeses Pieces6. CAPS: OKAY!7. Fave Bands/ Fave Songs: Sigur Ros, Daft Punk, Kate Rusby. Featherstone (The Paper Kites), Little Ghost (Amber Run)8. Fave #: 139. Fave Drink: Peach iced tea10. Tag 10: curious-commodities ecumenicalseeker plasticconcussion windwey livesthislife solarine knightofblades cardboardangel gentilwebb thistle-chaser Tagged by: viciousfishytales
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Send me a ✍ and a character and I’ll draw the character horribly on MS Paint.



I am going out to dinner but I will do some when I get back. YOU ALL KNOW HOW LEGENDARY MY PAINT DRAWINGS ARE

exitpursuedbybears Your time has come.

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(Bluuuurrryyy)Handwriting Challenge via @tangotwitches1. Name: Thomas (“Fishy”)2. Blog URL: viciousfishytales3. Blog URL: A Mind in Motion4. Fave Colour: Dark Green, black, lilac…5. Crush: My Humble Narrator, a vulture, and a set of woven thought-bubbles.6. CAPS: I AM FISHY, THE SASSMASTER.7. Fave Bands Fave Songs: Clutter(Ronald Jenkees), Alive (Schiller feat. Adam Young), Fools (Lauren Aquilina), Stay Awake (Madeon and Ellie Goulding), Skin (Rihanna), Love Again (Pentatonix), Bangarang (Skrillex), The Zoo (Zack Hemsey), My Boy Builds Coffins (Florence and the Machine), Little Secrets (Passion Pit)8. Fave #: 79. Fave Drink: Cream Soda Float10. Tag 10: zelinath livesthislife dyatloving voracious-stimulus lukelf windwey baneofboredom yourou seirye lumerianlotus multihuemythology(FUCK YOU I’M POSTING ELEVEN XD)

Yeah! This is so cool! I will do mine soonish!
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